Munyinya Hill – Burundi

Photo by : Long Miles Coffee Project, Burundi

Ripe plum, bergamot, raspberry

Farmer : Multiple small farms
Producer : Long Miles Coffee Project
Washing Station : Bukeye
Variety : Red Bourbon

Process : Washed
Region : Kayanza
Altitude (masl) : 1830m
Harvest Method : Handpicking
FOB : 9,44$ / kg

Munyinya Hill comes from Long Miles Coffee Project as all our coffees from Burundi. LMCP is a remarkable farmer focused initiative by a small American family who are truly a source of inspiration and an example where perseverance,  hard work, risk taking and having love towards people can take you.

Kristy and Ben Carlson started out with a dream to facilitate direct relationships between roasters and farmers, and as a result better the quality of coffee and the lives of the farmers. We are very proud to be apart of this coffee community and grateful for the Carlson family for making it happen. Their project enables us to work as directly with Burundian coffee farmers as possible.

Bukeye is LMCP’s first coffee processing station and it’s located in the northern parts of Kayanza province. The quality standards are high on both of their processing stations. This has helped them to minimize a lot of defects and to ensure clean and well-balanced cup notes. One of their most successful implementations has been in forming ‘coffee scout teams‘ that travel from village to village to teach farmers about best agricultural practices and how to manage the potato defect by picking, by hand, antestia bugs that infect coffee cherries. They also have a ‘six hour pick-to-process quality timing mark‘ which means that coffee cherries arriving to the station get straight into processing.

Washed coffee

In washed processing, also known as the wet process, the coffee cherries are first pulped as they arrive to the washing station to remove the outer layer of skin. After this the beans ferment in water with the mucilage still attached for at least a couple of days. And finally they are washed in order to remove the mucilage. Generally washed coffees result in cleaner more refined cups in comparison to natural or honey processed coffees.

Read more about the Long Miles Coffee Project on their website!