Buena Vista – Guatemala


Farm : Buena Vista
Owner : Luis Pedro Zelaya Aguirre
Variety : Villa Sarchi & Bourbon

Process : Washed
Region : Antigua
Altitude (masl) : 1772-1900m
Harvest Method : Handpicking
FOB : 7,50$ / kg

Buena Vista is a beautiful and relatively big farm in the outskirts of the town of Antigua. It boasts a magnificent view over the town with the volcanos in the background hence the name “Beautiful View”. The farm cultivates many varieties including Villa Sarchi, Bourbon, Caturra and Geisha.

The owner of Buena Vista is the patriarch of Zelaya family, Luis Pedro Zelaya Aguirre and comes from a long line of coffee farmers. His son, who also bears his name, has taken over many of the duties of running the family business and looking over his fathers farm. With the help of Luis Pedro Jr the family has turned their whole focus on specialty coffee. They are very dedicated, innovative and passionate coffee people who help many of the other farmers in their community to achieve better quality coffee.

Zelaya family

The Zelaya’s own and manage several coffee farms and run a famous dry mill by the name of Bella Vista. On their mill they focus on careful and innovative processing of the delicate micro lots. Zelayas have implemented ventilated greenhouses with raised beds to ensure and better the results of coffee processing. Due to this careful and consistent work results in very personal and unique cup quality from year to year.

Zelayas don’t consider their coffee endeavours only as business. For them it’s also a form of building a basis for their family and the community for years to come. They are providing the community with jobs, education, training and knowledge and also constantly looking to improve their agricultural activities to reduce chemicals and to better the quality.