Genesis – Costa Rica


Producer : Oscar Adan Mendez Acuna and Olga Marta Porras
Farm : Genesis
Region : Naranjo, Alajuela, West Valley
Variety : Villa Lobos
Process : Honey
Altitude (masl) :1650-1700m

Genesis is a magically beautiful farm owned by Don Oscar Mendez and his wife Olga Marta Porras. The farm sits on a hill in Naranjo region in West Valley overlooking a valley below at an altitude around 1700m. Coffee trees are scattered around the farm, not in straight lines but more as they would be in the wild, between bushes of colorful flowers and fruit trees.

The farm is a true family business. Oscar’s grandfather first purchased the farm decades ago leaving it to Oscar’s mother and then eventually on to Oscar. Today Oscar’s own daughter, Pilar takes part in running the farm with her parents and her two children. For the Mendez family, the farm is not a business to make a lot of money out of but a business that lets them leave and work together as a family and their plants in harmony with nature. To the family, the name Genesis represents a new beginning, starting fresh together with nature and the plants. They follow a very holistic approach in their lives and the way they operate the farm. Oscar says they are “organic by conviction, not by certificates”.

They also run an on-site micro-mill where they process their own coffee cherries and meticulously dial in the nuances of the various processing methods and varieties. This helps them maintain and even increase the high quality of the coffees they produce.

We are really happy to be representing this farm. You can expect to see their coffees on our selection also in the coming years.

Honey Process

Honey process is a coffee processing method in between of natural and washed. In this method, you remove the skin and pulp of the cherries before drying them but leave the mucilage to cover the bean inside. Natural method dries the whole cherry together with the skin and pulp whereas in the washed method the even the mucilage is removed before drying.

There are various stages of honey processing such as black, red and white. The names come from the color the cherries turn into during the drying process caused by the amount of sunlight they get during the drying process and therefore the time they spent drying. The more sunlight they get the less time it takes to dry and the lighter the color will be.

Honey process is a quite common method in Costa Rica. It tends to give the coffees more sweetness and some more mature fruit flavors compared to the fully washed method.