Fazenda IP – Brazil


Farm : Fazenda IP
Producers : Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira
Variety : Yellow Bourbon
Process : Washed
Region : Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais
Altitude (masl) : 950-1200m
FOB : 3$/lb ~ 6,63$/kg

This coffee is our first washed Brazilian and like all our Brazilian coffees it comes from the Carmo Coffees. Fazenda IP is named after Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira’s father Isidro Pereira. He purchased the farm in 1967 while Luis Paulo was studying agricultural techniques. After his studies Luiz Paulo joined his father’s business with knew knowledge and ideas.

Over time Luiz Paulo’s initiatives grew the farm five times the size. He also brought in their own processing machines and of course focus on specialty coffees. According to Luiz Paulo the search for innovation in the specialty coffee has to be constant and mandatory in order to keep up with the business. Today Fazenda IP cultivates 4 different varieties with three different processing methods: washed, natural and pulped natural (aka honey).

Luiz Paulo has implemented a bonus-system for all lots scoring over 80 points to motivate everyone in his team to strive for that perfect cup every step of the production. He also has systematic training and guidance for everyone working at the farm about the importance of quality processes in coffee growing.

Carmo De Minas

Carmo de Minas, where the farm is located has become well-known over the past years for their superb coffee quality. The coffees from this area have been cleaning tables at the Cup of Excellence competitions and yet there is still room for development. Some of Carmo de Minas’ distinction can certainly be counted on the areas climatic and topographic conditions like mineral water springs, perfect combination of latitude and altitude, mountainous terrain, well-defined seasons and fertile soil. But after all it always comes down to the people who¬†make the biggest difference.