Santa Cruz – Guatemala

Variety : Bourbon
Process : Washed
Farm : Santa Cruz
Region : Antigua
Altitude (masl) : 1500-1650
Wet & dry mill : Bella Vista
Shade : Gravilea
Owner : Maria Regina Ponce de Leal
Farm Managed by : Luis Pedro Zelaya
Harvest season : November – April
Annual Rainfall (mm) : 952.50

Flavour notes: Dark Chocolate, cacao, caramel, orange, almonds, well balanced

Roasted for filter and espresso

About the farm

María Regina Ponce de Leal’s beautiful farm Santa Cruz boasts an amazing view over the area of Antigua. It is the first farm we visited on our trips to origin together with our green bean supplier CCS. The farm cultivates mostly Bourbon and Caturra varieties but produces also Typica and Villa Sarchí.

Since 2004 farm has been managed by Luis Pedro Zelaya whose family has been working with coffee over 4 generations. During his management the farm has seen some major improvements such as an extensive shade cover system and planting new trees. The agricultural activities as well as the climate conditions on this farm play an invaluable part in producing the great quality coffee people have come to expect from Santa Cruz. The cherries are handpicked from December to April and then processed at Zelaya’s wet and dry mill called Bella Vista.

Bella Vista and Zelcafé

Luis Pedro Zelaya began to develop his family’s coffee business – Zelcafé and Bella Vista in 2000. He has then managed to turn the focus away from commercial coffee. Over time Zelcafé has been able to make a successful transition into focusing solely on specialty coffee. For Zelaya’s family the coffee is about more than business, it’s also a way of building a solid platform for the whole family and the community to grow.