Cresencio – Honduras


Variety : Pacas
Process : Washed
Farm : Santa Maria
Location : El Cedral, Santa Barbara
Altitude (masl) : 1600
Average Annual Rainfall(mm) : 750
Size of farm : 0.70 hectares

About the farm

Cresencio Izaguirre is one of the smallest producers in El Cedral area. His farm – Santa Maria is situated on the hillside of the mountain range in Santa Barbara and cultivates Pacas variety, akin to Bourbon.

This is a challenging area to process coffee cherries due to the closeness of the jungle and thus rains. Especially the drying process is demanding and needs to be precisely controlled. After harvesting the coffee cherries are then processed at the Moreno family’s wet mill and raised beds. By working together and sharing their facilities with their neighbors the Moreno family has helped elevate the El Cedral community to produce and prepare better quality coffee. The sometimes problematic climate conditions and altitudes play a vital part in making the coffees from this area particularly interesting. They cup with flavor attributes not found anywhere else in Central America.

Collaborative Coffee Source and Santa Barbara

Our green coffee supplier, Collaborative Coffee Source started working with the farmers in this area during the 2005 Cup of Excellence. Since then they have purchased coffee from over 20 different producers in Santa Barbara. They have built many long-lasting and strong relationships with the farmers, such as Cresencio and Moreno Family. The area has become recognized namely by some of the very same producers CCS has developed close ties with.